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Archive for March, 2013

Daring Duo Wine & Food Paring Pratick Will of Vintus & Brett Knipmeyer of Kinley’s

Dear Oenophile
These gentlemen are some of the best in the business. Brett over at Kinley’s is known to most of you. As Chef/Owner he has pushed the boundaries of cuisine in Anchorage. Patrick Will is more behind the scenes. It was his company that first brought Guigal to this country. All of his wineries are artisanal quality, dirt to bottle, family owned estates. Patrick knows the families and has lived in the areas of production. His portfolio is quite simply, amazing! I could rattle on but suffice it to say this is adon’t miss experience. It’s just giving me goose bumps.If that didn’t convince you check out the menu!
Reservations are $95 per person gratuity included. All reservations are to be made through the Anchorage Wine House. Time and date are 6 PM Wednesday on April 3rd. email or phone 907 677 9050.

Mike McVittie CSW
Wine Manager Anchorage Wine House

Menu & Wine List

Greet Wine
2011 Heartland Pinot Gris
Langhorn Creek South Australia

First Course
Seared Kodiak Scallops on Soft Gingered Grits with Ponzu Sauce, Sesame Oil,
Carrot Ribbons, and Onion Sprouts
2011 Gaba Do Xil Godello
Telmo Rodriguez Valdeorras Spain

Second Course
Fried Garden Pea Ravioli on a Bolognese Sauce
with Parmesan and Basil Chiffonade
2010 Tommasi Poggio Al Tufo “Rompicollo”
Maremma Toscana Italy

Third Course
White Bean and Bacon Stew with Duck Confit, Roasted Parsnip, and Pork Sausage
2008 Mas Belle Eaux “Les Coteaux” Languedoc France
2007 Guigal Crozes-Hermitage Rouge, Crozes Hermitage, France

Fourth Course
Grilled New York Strip Steak on a Rosemary-Cabernet Sauce
with Bleu Cheese Potato Gratin, Grilled Asparagus, and Fried Shallots
2010 Finca Decero Cabernet Sauvignon,Remolinos Vineyard, Agrelo, Mendoza

Fifth Course
Grilled Fig and Brie “Sandwich” with a Blackberry Coulis
2008 Quinta do Noval “Cedro do Noval” Douro Portugal

Crazy Blackstone Case Sale 50% Off!

Dear Oenophile

Blackstone is known for being a good deal even at $10. Its drinkable everyday stuff with enough body and complexity to satisfy. $5.99 would be a bargain, Right? How about $4.99? Well your friends at Anchorage Wine House are blowing out cases at $55.99. That’s $4.67 a unit! That’s Crazy! You can try one for $6.99. But why bother? We have Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon all under the California Appellation. Available at all location Huffman, Dimond and Jewell Lake.

Mix and Match 12pk cases $55.99

Thank You
Mike McVittie CSW
Wine Manager
Anchorage Wine House

Blackstone Pinot Noir

To Order
Land Line Huffman Store
907 677 9050
Items filled on a first come first serve basis.
Thank you for your order.

Classical Wines of Spain Karla Kilgore and Suite 100

Ah Ha! Were at it again. Our next tasting is an indulgent evening at Suite 100. Every time we go there owner chef Kelly Nichols rocks our world. This time we’re going to test his metal with some killer selections from Spain. Karla Kilgore will be on hand to teach and guide us. She is the national sales manager for Classical Wines of Spain and is passionate about her stuff.
Seating is limited. We will not have the conference room but we do get to spread out a bit. Tickets are $55 per reservation. The date is Thursday March 14th. The time is 6:30pm. For reservations email or phone 907 677 9050.

To tempt you even further here is the wine list

Seating and Introduction
Mont-Marcal Brut Reserva
First Course
Morgadio Albarino
Intermezzo Wine
El Pajaro Rojo Mencia Bierzo
Second Course
Carchelo C
Intermezzo Wine
Lorinon Tinto Reserva
Third Course
Pasanau Ceps Nous
Don PX

Mike McVittie CSW
Wine Manager
Anchorage Wine House