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Archive for November, 2014

Bodega Bouza’s B6 & A8 Tannats

Dear Oenophile
Wine writers around the planet are starting to wake up to Uruguay’s potential. Fortunately for you we are on the cutting edge, even up here. Bouza’s regular Tannat’s are killer and we have the kick up versions! Not familiar with Tannat? It’s a Cabernet like wine from the Southwest of France. Tannat is Uruguay’s signature red.
Bodega Bouza has two vineyards. The original 5 hectares in Melillna and an additional 12 hectares in Las Violetas. The A8 is selected lots out of Melillna and the B6 is selected lots out of the Las Violetas. Both wines are table sorted and individual berry selected, yes, by hand. After fermentation the wine is gravity fed to the barrel room and aged in a combination of French and American oak barrels for 14 months. The wines under go full malolactic fermentation and are bottled unfiltered. The bottles are hand numbered and hand wrapped and unless I’ve got my math is wrong there were only 13 to 14 barrels of each made.
2011 was a very hot vintage. The A8 comes from the cooler Melillna vineyard and so carries more non-fruit components. The B6 comes from the hotter Las Violetas vineyard and carries more blue and black fruits. Both are big rich and rewarding wines. For comparison the 2009 A8 earned 92 pts with R. Parker.
These ultimately delicious reds are available at all three locations Huffman Jewel Lake and Dimond. To order call Mike at 907 677 9050 or email

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