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Archive for October, 2016

King of Kings Crab/Wine Tasting Cancelled

Dear Oenophile
The long and the short of it is that the Crab boats can’t deliver and we have no Crab for tomorrow night. I don’t have the particulars yet but apparently the seas are not cooperating. Therefore our tasting for Wednesday October 26th 6 PM at Suite 100 is cancelled. Please accept my humble apologies. Heidi is contacting those with reservations by phone today. I wanted to send out an email to make sure no one was missed.
We will reschedule for next year.
Mike McVittie, CSW
Wine Manager
Anchorage Wine House

King Of Kings

Fresh King Crab Meets King Estate at Suite 100
What happens when you mix the Alaska King Crab opener with Kelly Nichols (Suite 100) and Ed Holms (King Estate)? Everything GOOD I can tell you that! Next Wednesday Oct 26th at 6 PM you can treat yourself and someone special to a crab feed par excellance! This is Crab right off the boats not frozen. It’s real Alaskan King Crab not the stuff from Russia not Blue or Gold and not just a leg either but a whole cluster. (That’s half the crab without the body.) Of course there will be all the appropriate accouterments.
The other King is King Estate from the Willamette Valley Oregon. We will be drinking their Domain level wines. These are not your everyday wines. Most folks have never even seen them. Yes, quite rare and delicious.
Meet & Greet
2015 Willamette Valley Pinot Gris List Price $19.99 91 points Wine Enthusiast
Dinner Wines
2014 Domaine Pinot Gris List Price $26.99 91 points Wine Enthusiast
2012 Domaine Pinot Noir List Price $59.99
The Particulars
Please make and pay for reservations with Suite 100 907 341 1000. Reservations are $150.00 per person. Time Date: Wednesday Oct 26th 6 PM

Thank You
Mike McVittie, CSW
Wine Manager
Anchorage Wine House
907 677 9050