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2013 Castillo de Monseran Garnacha

Dear Oenophile
Here it is! Your next house wine! A bold robust Grenache from Spain. Big flavors, big fruits, dry, a touch rustic and the price, wow! It comes in wood boxes with no up charge. Frankly, I can’t see how they ship this up here for the money. Wait till you taste it!
Castillo de Monseran is located in the DO of Carinena in the old Kingship of Aragon. A modern co-op, San Valero, is the state of the art wine making facility. There are 700 grower members. So, yea, it’s a big place, but, these are 50 to 80 year old, head pruned, Grenache vines, hand harvested from the birthplace of Grenache. This is top quality fruit. They make two wines the Castillo de Monseran Garnacha and the Costillo de Monseran Garnecha Vieja.
Spain is one of the most heavily planted wine regions in the world. They have tons of old vine material. Their vineyards date back centuries and have true terrior. We just don’t have these kinds of grapes over here. Plus this wine will age a bit. Should hit it’s stride in 2-3 years but might go longer.
We’ve been working on this for months now. We purchased so you could buy by the case wood box and all for under 10 bucks a bottle.
The wine is available at all three locations Dimond Huffman and Jewel Lake. To order call Mike at 907 677 9050 or email

List Price $12.99
Bottle One Price $9.99
Case Price 12/750ml in Wood Box $99.99 Works out to $8.33 a bottle!

Thank You
Mike McVittie CSW, Court of Master Sommeliers L1
Wine Manager
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